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Otium Festival invites adventurers to experience a world of new sensations. The two-day event brings music lovers together in Morocco for an intimate live experience, featuring world-class electronic acts in breathtaking Taghazout Bay.  Showcasing the best of Morocco through gastronomy, activities, and cultural experiences this is an adventure you won't want to miss! 

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Leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, relaxing, and contemplation. With Latin roots, Otium means withdrawing from one's daily business or affairs to engage in activities that are enlightening - including sharing in the live experience. 

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Taghazout Bay is one of Morocco's greatest hidden gems for domestic and international tourists alike. Located on the west coast of Morocco, this once-fishing village has transformed into a sustainable eco-tourism destination. Taghazout Bay offers luxury modern accommodations, a year-round temperate climate, and the vibrant history of the Berber peoples shared with travelers through food, culture, and local excursions. 


Kingdom of Mind is a team of live event creators specialized in the production of impactful music experiences. Through a comprehensive project management approach we bring unforgettable events to life.

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